Here's Looking at You: Takeaways From Commuter Etiquette Week

Male commuter taking up minimal space with many bags on nyc subway train

In an ideal universe, every week on the train would be etiquette week.

But for We the Commuters, this was officially Etiquette Week — because if a main goal of this project is to hold those in charge of your commute accountable, we train riders should at least be held accountable for how we treat each other.

We asked for your subway dos and don'ts, heard some creative twists on classic behavior rules, and started a lively debate about whether it's okay to photograph strangers on the subway.

Here are three key takeaways from Etiquette Week.

1. Stand Clear of the Doors with Speed and Style

When you're waiting on a platform and the train pulls in, there's a very simple order of operations. You stand completely to the side of the doors. Passengers get off. Then you step in. Then you immediately move to the center of the car. We all know it. We've all heard umpteen people say it. But you've never heard it in '90s hip-hop form. Until this week.

2. Tuna, Bikes, Porn and Eye Contact: Yes or No?

The answers: No, No, No, Maybe.

If you ever get to wondering whether you're behaving like a jerk on the train, our partners at Gothamist this week published a comprehensive guide to not being a jerk on the train. Bookmark it.

In addition, we spoke with a few comedians about their dos and don'ts when it comes to subway behavior and they shared some insightful opinions.

3. Shame! Shame! Shame?

First of all, let's clear up a common misconception: It is legal to take a picture of someone without their permission on the subway, as long as you don't have special film or photography equipment. But should you? Read the rest of the article...

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