The newest weapon in the war of social media: The selfie stick selfie stick!

By Will Greenwald for's Will Greenwald's Narcisickstick - The selfie stick selfie stick

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Do you take selfies with a selfie stick? What a scrub. Selfie sticks are for suckers who want to take regular selfies, but are afraid to use their arms. Selfie sticks should be a measure of status, but what’s the point if no one can see you’re using a selfie stick? That’s why I invented the selfie stick selfie stick. I call it the Narcisickstick. Because it’s a sick stick, and I’m a visionary.

What? It’s just a selfie stick taped to another selfie stick? You’re technically correct, but completely wrong. This is the newest weapon in the constant war that is social media. It’s a way to show off your selfie stick and the hype phone you use with it. You just need my new, improved version, and a second phone.

Will Greenwald taking a selfie with his Narcisickstick

Check that out. I got a selfie of me taking a selfie. Got duckface for days! Motorola isn’t doing that. Samsung isn’t doing that. Only I’m doing that. Visionary, son!

You want your own Narcisickstick? Well, this one’s one-of-a-kind, but I can set you up with plans to make your own. You need two selfie sticks, a special adhesive material, and the kind of technical know-how to do what I do. So you’re probably out of luck, but at least I gave you a shot.

If you’re down with the Narcisickstick, use the hashtags #selfiestickselfiestick, #visionary, and #sweg, and send them all @AggroWill’s way. That’s me, and you can learn a lot from me, the visionary that made the world’s first selfie stick selfie stick. So much sweg.

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