Drivers, Beware of Russia's "Stop a Douchebag" Youth Movement

by Anthonism

"Stop a Douchebag" is a Russian youth movement that goes to great lengths to enforce the rules of the road in Russia, sometimes by putting their life in danger. In many of their videos, they can be seen going for a ride on the car hood of an enraged driver who attempts to plow through their human barricade.

Why do they do this?

To stop "douchebag" drivers who regularly put pedestrians in harm's way when they break traffic laws such as driving on the sidewalk to avoid a traffic jam. Their YouTube channel states, "We do not fight for the law. We fight for people to think about the rights and convenience of others, regardless of whether there is a police officer near them or not."

Check out their outrageous videos to see how they handle running into, or almost ran over by, extremely angry drivers, an MMA fighter, an AK-47, Super Mario and more.

Stop a Douchebag movement, kids confront driver for driving on sidewalk who tries to run them over

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