Lacking Travel Etiquette? Passengers Prepare to Be Shamed!

by Anthonism

Crowding the baggage carousel; re-packing overweight baggage at the counter; videos at full volume; gate lurking; bogarting electrical outlets; these are a few examples of the most annoying things people do in airports. But, what about the common senseless acts of rudeness people commit while on the a plane?

This is where comes in screaming the question, "are these assholes serious?"

By posting pictures taken by anonymous flight attendants and passengers from all over the world, Passenger Shaming is dedicated to exposing the many crude behaviors that mankind's more barbarous passengers unleash on us while traveling.

Better brush up on your travel etiquette folks or you may be their next victim.

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A few examples of what actual human beings do while traveling as posted on

Passenger Shaming, girl laying on airplane with feet up, shoes off, on boyfriend's head

Passenger Shaming, drunken and shirtless man on an airplane

Passenger Shaming, airplane left a complete mess by passengers

Passenger Shaming, woman painting her gross toenails on the plane

Passenger Shaming, man with stinky, bare feet propped up on plane wall near the cockpit

Passenger Shaming, passengers left enough trash on the seat to fill a new york city dump

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