What is Satire?

Posted by Anthonism

A quick, kid-friendly introduction video to 'satire' If you want a more in depth look into sarcasm, irony, and satire, and their influence on modern society, head over to Sarcasm Society.

What is satire?

Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Oxford Dictionary In other words, satire is a way of making us realize how silly or bad things are — often by making us laugh at them. There are a lot of satiric techniques. We’re going to look at some in these two categories: Exaggeration and irony. EXAGGERATION When a folly or vice is EXAGGERATED if emphasizes how FAR it is from a reasonable standard. One form of exaggeration is caricature. A caricature is a visual exaggeration of a person’s features.

Example #1 - caricature

Justin Bieber’s fringe is not normally THAT long. Caricature! This satirizes an extreme of hair fashion. Example #2 - parody (i) A PARODY is an exaggerated copy of a person, song, film, etc.

This is a parody of teen-speak, satirizing its reliance on insider

understanding. Example #2 - parody (ii) Whole characters can be parodies. Narcissism: extreme selfishness, deluded belief in one’s own importance, attractiveness and talent.

Example #3 - hyperbole EXAGGERATED figurative language* is called HYPERBOLE. *figurative language = smilies, metaphors, other comparisons and non-literal

language in general.

“This is literature? A two year old could have written this!” Guru uses hyperbole to criticize the simplistic writing in Agnes’ bedtime book, ‘Sleepy Kittens.’ Example #4 - visual hyperbole

EVERYONE is looking at his or her phone. Visual hyperbole! … and they all have white canes (blind). Visual hyperbole! The second category of techniques we’re going to look at is IRONY. IRONY

  1. verbal irony, and

  2. dramatic irony

Irony #1 - verbal irony VERBAL IRONY is a way of emphasizing folly (stupidity) or vice by deliberately describing it in a way that is different to the ACTUAL meaning. … so, pretending that silly things are sensible or valuable is IRONIC. … and likewise, pretending that morally bad things are morally good (virtuous) is ironic. Irony emphasizes how very far the target is from the accepted standard.

This can be very funny. Teen fiction cliché ->

Groundbreaking Young Adult Novel Features Protagonist Who’s A Bit Of A Loner

So, not groundbreaking. Irony! Satirizes lack of originality in young adult fiction.

Man Forced To Watch Concert With His Own Eyes

Satirizes trend of filming events instead of experiencing them directly.

Irony #2 - dramatic irony Then there’s DRAMATIC IRONY. This occurs when the audience knows or understands something that the character doesn’t.

Jamie thinks she’s like Jesus. We know that she’s not even slightly like Jesus. Dramatic irony! This satirizes narcissism.


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