For Making Courtesy Count, Thank You MTA!

by Anthonism

Picture of MTA's Courtesy Counts poster on the 1 train

New York, voted the rudest state, could sure use a heavy dose of courtesy, especially on public transit. Hopefully, people learn from and adhere to the suggestions presented in the MTA's colorfully-designed placards. Commuting around the city would become far more bearable.

Akin to Queensland Rail's 'Super Simple Stuff' train etiquette campaign, "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride" is the message the MTA is trying to get across to customers who ride the trains and buses.

Do’s include:

• “Step Aside to Let Others Off First”

• “Keep Your Stuff to Yourself”

• “Take Your Pack Off Your Back”

• “Offer Your Seat to an Elderly, Disabled, or Pregnant Person”

• “Take Your Litter Off With You”

• “Keep the Sound Down”

No No’s include:

• “Pole Are For Your Safety, Not Your Latest Routine”

• “Clipping? Primping?”

• “Don’t be a Pole Hog”

• “It’s a Subway Car Not a Dining Car”

• “Blocking Doors”

• “Dude…..Stop the Spread, Please”


Here are some of the signs you will see during your commute in NYC. When you see them, especially if someone is not following a sign's suggestion, take a picture and email it to Man's Marbles so we can post it.

MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; Keep Your stuff to yourself
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; It's a subway car, not a dining car
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; offer your seat to an elderly,disabled, or pregnant person
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; take your pack off your back
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; Clipping? Primping?
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; Poles are for your safety, not your latest routine
MTA Courtesy Counts Campaign; dude, stop the spread, please

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