Top 100 First World Problems List

by Scooter Magruder

What's up guys, I hope you're doing well. So, today we're going to be talking about first world problems. More specifically, a top one-hundred list. Now, for those of you who don't know what first world problems are, just watch the video. They're problems typically experienced by people living in industrialized and wealthy countries.


Top 100 First World Problems

  1. You can't find the remote

  2. Twitter is over capacity

  3. Ran out of toilet paper

  4. You have nothing to eat at your house

  5. Your neighbor blocked their WiFi

  6. Out of milk

  7. Your hot water takes a while to get hot

  8. You don't have an automatic toothbrush

  9. You don't want to eat leftovers

  10. Too many commercials on TV

  11. Twilight movies

  12. Nicky Minaj

  13. Justin Bieber

  14. Teen mom

  15. You cut yourself shaving

  16. Instagram is only for the iPhone

  17. The barber messed your edge up

  18. You were forced to get Facebook Timeline

  19. Your boss requested to add you on Facebook

  20. People unfollowed you on Twitter

  21. Annoying group texts

  22. The DVR recorded the wrong show

  23. Toddlers and Tiaras

  24. Childhood obesity

  25. No one likes your new profile picture

  26. Bad cell phone reception

  27. Too many facebook event invites

  28. One remote to change channels, one remote to change volume

  29. You have an annoying alarm clock

  30. You don't own a Mac

  31. You forgot to turn your phone on silent before you went to sleep

  32. Lawnmowers wake you up

  33. You can't hear the TV over the vacuum cleaner

  34. You don't know how to work a Mac

  35. You left your cell phone at home

  36. You can't find your chapstick

  37. You have to pay a transaction fee

  38. They only accept cash

  39. McDonald's doesn't have the McRib

  40. They only accept credit

  41. You can't tell how much gas costs

  42. A) Girl Scouts ran out of Thin Mint. B) They only serve Coca-Cola products

  43. Snooki

  44. The Situation

  45. Sarah Palin

  46. Justin Bieber

  47. Newt Gingrich

  48. Temple Run isn't on Android yet

  49. Taco Bell is Trippin'

  50. You wanna text but you keep getting green lights

  51. Your car gets 12 mpg

  52. No parking

  53. They only serve Pepsi products

  54. You paid $5 for coffee and it tastes bad

  55. The elevator is broken

  56. The person is taking too long in the bathroom

  57. Taco Bell doesn't deliver

  58. You left your headlights on

  59. You spent more than $5 for a sub at Subway

  60. You forgot to put deodorant on

  61. You bought the wrong type of batteries

  62. Wrong food order

  63. Your mom requested to be your friend on Facebook

  64. They forgot to put the fries in the bag

  65. You forgot the test was tomorrow

  66. Can't find the match to your socks

  67. The whole cast of Jersey Shore

  68. Justin Bieber

  69. Justin Bieber

  70. Football season is over

  71. Your star athlete wants to leave

  72. You lose to a rival team

  73. XBox live is sucking

  74. This is not an acceptable word (Words With Friends)

  75. Your laptop died

  76. You didn't get what you wanted for Christmas

  77. You can't find your charger

  78. Your phone keeps autocorrecting

  79. Your friend has an annoying ringtone

  80. You got destroyed in fantasy basketball

  81. You got destroyed in fantasy baseball

  82. You got destroyed in all fantasy sports leagues

  83. You still don't know how to use a Mac

  84. Your TV can't rewind

  85. There is nothing on TV

  86. No internet service

  87. Your computer got a virus

  88. Your microwave beeps until it's opened

  89. No money from your tax return

  90. Traffic

  91. Low cell phone battery

  92. Justin Bieber

  93. Justin Bieber

  94. Justin Bieber

  95. Justin Bieber

  96. Justin Bieber

  97. Justin Bieber

  98. Justin Bieber

  99. Justin Bieber

  100. Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday's

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