Woman Charged, Kicked Off Amtrak Train for Yapping for 16 Hours in 'Quiet Car'

Posted by Anthonism

Chalk this one up to the etiquette police. 39 year old Lakeysha Beard, taken off this Amtrak train and charged for disorderly conduct after passengers say she talked loudly on her phone nearly nonstop on the 16 hour trip from Oakland to Salem, Oregon, and became verbally abusive when they reminded her loud calls are banned in the quiet train cars.

Looks like when it comes to mobile phone manners, maybe we’ve finally had enough. Calls like these are why one group has now established July as National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. A couple months too late for the passengers on this train who thought they were in for a nice, quiet ride.


Loud Talker Lakeysha Beard kicked off train for yapping for 16 hours in quiet car

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