Learn Italian with this Obnoxiously Loud Cell Phone Convo on the Bus

by Anthonism

This girl at the back of the bus was speaking so loudly that the bus driver was given a chance to brush up on his Italian speaking skills, which didn't sit well with the passengers. He was so enthralled with learning a new language that he failed to tell her to keep her trap shut—or, at least use a 12" voice—so the riders of this bus could enjoy some type of peace and quiet while commuting.

Due to this NYC bus driver's selfishness, other commuters began looking for ways to take matters into their own hands. As seen in the video, a long, evil stare was delivered by a woman in an attempt to get the common senseless, loud-talking girl to hush up. Obviously, she failed and instead continued pretending that she could focus on what she was reading. An act of rudeness wins again.

Transit Nightmare: Woman Talks on Cell for 16 Hours in Quiet Car, Gets Booted

Lakeysha Beard was unceremoniously (or is that ceremoniously?) booted from an Amtrak train after yapping on her phone for 16 hours. Even worse, she chose to do it on one of Amtrak’s designated “quiet cars.” Read rest of Time article



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