Common Sense Police: The Loud Talker

Posted by Anthonism

COMMON SENSE POLICE is a mini web-series that puts the smack down on those common sense offenders we all love to hate, with arresting comedy. Tell them what annoying act you want them to crack down on @:

Fitz of the common sense police duct taping loud talking offenders mouth



CHEESE No stopping in the middle of the sidewalk unless you want a summons. BUDDY Walk like you drive people. CHEESE Common sense police people. BUDDY Here we go, look alive now. RADIO 213, Common sense offender has been spotted BUDDY & CHEESE We’re on it! LOUD TALKER Older women are the best, man, they don’t care. They don’t care! I’m telling you man, they’re better in bed, they have bigger apartments…HEY! CHEESE Common sense police, shut your mouth! BUDDY It’s okay everybody, common sense police. LOUD TALKER Who the hell are you two? CHEESE Common sense police. BUDDY Sir, read article C, section 6. LOUD TALKER I will not speak at a douchey volume when in public…WHAT IS THIS? CHEESE You can pay the $8 fine BUDDY Or get Fitzed. LOUD TALKER I’m not paying you guys anything. FITZ Oh, I was hoping you’d say that. You have the right to remain silent! Do you remember that? Silence? PARON #1 What the hell is happening? CHEESE Should we leave her alone with him? BUDDY Oh no, definitely not. BUDDY Captain, how’d we do? CAPTAIN NAKATOMI Well, you caused $149 in damage to the coffee shop and the subject is suing us for emotional distress. CHEESE Respect. CAPTAIN NAKATOMI I want your badges now. FITZ I think mine is so on.

CHEESE You want the whole shirt, then? CAPTAIN NAKATOMI Get out.

Buddy, Fritz, and Cheese of the Common Sense Police looking tough and ready to pounce on common sense offenders

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