Offensive to Curb 'Manspreading' on Public Transit Gaining Steam in New York

by Anthonism

CBS New York Local News Broadcast

What level of machismo must a man possess to believe that his balls are so big that he must basically do a split while sitting on the train?

Mind The Gap!

That is the motto of an emerging offensive against men who inconsiderately take up too much sitting room by spreading their legs while sitting on a subway. Unfortunately, some people are making if a feminist issue. The reality is that it is simply an issue of etiquette and common courtesy. Fellas, nobody wants to see your bulging package while you make the rest of us stand.

Ladies, don't think you are free of being a space hog on the subway. Under the radar, 'bagspreading' or 'bagsitting' is also coming under close scrutiny. And don't be surprised if a womanspreading campaign, the female equivalent of manspreading, launches in the near future with the motto, Shut Your Lips!

Much like the Queensland Rail Super Simple Stuff train etiquette campaign, the New York City MTA will be launching a courtesy campaign, listed below, to curb many discourteous acts people commit on trains.


  • “Step Aside to Let Others Off First”

  • “Keep Your Stuff to Yourself”

  • “Take Your Pack Off Your Back”

  • “Offer Your Seat to an Elderly, Disabled, or Pregnant Person”

  • “Take Your Litter Off With You”

  • “Keep the Sound Down”

No No’s:

  • “Pole Are For Your Safety, Not Your Latest Routine”

  • “Clipping? Primping?”

  • “Don’t be a Pole Hog”

  • “It’s a Subway Car Not a Dining Car”

  • “Blocking Doors”

  • “Dude…..Stop the Spread, Please”

Having trouble following these simple rules? Well, then your punishment may be getting your mug posted as evidence of rude people on or by KellRod, the spearhead of the anti-manspreading campaign, and shamed for being rude and inconsiderate. Welcome to the school of hard knocks!

Johnny T on Manspreading


People who 'manspread' their legs so wide

that they take up more than one seat on the train are...

Here are some tweets of manspreading by Kelley Rae O'Donnell and others who would like to put an end to the practice.


Pro manspreader?

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