NYC Bike Lane Obstacle Course

by Anthonism

Even with the many designated biking lanes in Manhattan, New York City is one of the most dangerous places to ride a bicycle. This year, two pedestrians were killed by bicyclists in Central Park. With most accidents, tragedies such as these could have been avoided if the people sharing the road simply followed the rules, payed attention to their surroundings, and refrained from doing anything reckless or careless. Sadly, it appears that many motorists, pedestrians, and bikers in New York fail to any of those things.

The video above demonstrates just how dangerous it can be to ride a bike in New York. More than forty careless obstacles were encountered on this short round trip ride on St. Nicholas between 150th Street and 120th Street. In this well-marked bike lane, the ride, which realistically only takes 7-10 minutes in perfect conditions, lasted 14 minutes in each direction spanning 30 blocks. Along the way we cross paths with clueless pedestrians, careless drivers, garbage, delivery trucks, cops breaking the laws they are supposed to enforce, and more.

Could you handle dealing with this nonsense on a daily basis?

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