New Feature: Rank Mankind's Most Annoying Pet Peeves

As Gavin Rossdale of Bush puts it, "It's the little things that kill," and—not to get under your skin—as we all know, almost everybody has things which they can't stand that someone else will find trivial. Considering the existence of some the greater "evils" in the world, it would be easy to deem these personal bugbears as meaningless. Nevertheless, it's this minutia that can drive you batty up the wall with a blown fuse while acting like a bear with a sore head! Thankfully, our only pet peeve is pet peeves. Place your vote to see which one takes the cake, and don't forget to add your own.

Start Ranking Pet Peeves Now!

The list has begun with this measely list:

  1. Fast food drive-thru communication systems.

  2. Loud cell phone conversations in public places.

  3. Overuse of the word "like" in conversation. That's, like, really so irritating.

  4. People lurking and looking over your shoulder.

  5. Grocery store baggers who do a bad job.

  6. People who take food off your plate to ‘taste.’

  7. People who stop in a crowd and stand in the way of others.

  8. Incorrect use of your and you're, as though they are interchangeable.

  9. People who hold up checkout lines and drive-thru lines while rummaging for exact change.

  10. Getting sucked in by infomercials.

  11. Slow service in restaurants.

  12. People who make body sounds in public.

  13. Telemarketers, unsolicited phone calls.

  14. Air quotation marks.

  15. Statements that start with, "I shouldn't say this, but …”

  16. People who walk in the street when there is a sidewalk.

  17. Bad parking (taking two spaces, blocking crosswalk and driveways, etc.)

  18. Nail biting.

  19. Obsessive use of cellphones.

  20. People who talk to you while you're reading.

  21. People who don't wash their hands after using the restroom.

  22. Rude/bad drivers (too slow, too fast, tailgating, no turn signals, etc.)

  23. People who cut in line.

  24. Mouth sounds made while chewing.

  25. People who talk during movies.

Also, Vote on the Stupid Ignorant Asshole Polls

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