Personality Profile of Assholes

A general guideline for voting on the S.I.A. (see-yah) polls.

Angry bull about to attack like an person who is an asshole


Dickhead, Bitch, Fucker, Piece-of-Shit, Scoundrel, Jerk, Prick, Jackass


  1. A stupid, mean, incompetent, detestable, or contemptible person.


You know the type, this rotten apple will go into an uproar at the mere mention of mores, rules, axioms, customs, principles, morals, ethics, and the like.


"Would you rather be an asshole or the whole ass?"

Choose this option for those unforgettably unforgiveable offenses that appear to be someone's blatant disregard for the people in their surroundings.


You can usually see this bastard coming from a mile away and be well advised, stay out of this storm's path. Many forms of this disdainful type exist. For example; pretentious pricks, narcissists, manipulators, megalomaniacs, the pompous, the vain, the arrogant, the cynic, the sarcastic, the power hungry, the critical, the grumpy, and the list goes on. Fortunately, all of these traits and personality types have one underlying theme; they are self-serving and from the pit of their being an air of, "My shit doesn't stink" chokes the atmosphere. Move far away fast or suffocate! Do not confront these scum of the earth while they're rearing their ugly head for this only fuels the beast, but instead, simply ignore them and they will die a thousand little deaths.


  • Self-centered, judgmental, critical

  • Confrontational, hunts for victims

  • Uncompromising, rigid, inflexible

  • Everything is someone elses fault

  • Could care less about anyone's welfare


Each form of "asshole" has its unique way of "showing their teeth" as they stalk their prey and gear up for the kill.


It's my way or the highway.


"Screw you!"


More often then we'd like to admit, we've all acted like an "asshole" at some point in our lives.

*NOTE - Before placing your vote, DO NOT include in your assessment those that are handicapped, suffering from a mental illness, or have a developmental disability.

Everything else is fair game!

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Other Poll Options:

Who Cares...

Choose this answer if you believe the offense to be trivial to be concerned with. WARNING: Choosing this answer may mean that you happen to be the one who is either stupid, ignorant, or an asshole.


Use this section if you can provide irrefutable evidence disproving why the motivation behind the offense contained within the poll can NOT be reduced to coming from a place of stupidity, ignorance, or unadulterated assholishness.

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