Personality Profile of Stupid People

A general guideline for voting on the S.I.A. (see-yah) polls.

Cartoon of a stupid person sitting in the corner with his dunce hat on at school


Dunce, Idiot, Moron, Dumbass, Dimwit, Thick, Birdbrained, Obtuse


  1. Lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind.

  2. Characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness.


Someone who is aware of the innate and taught laws of social behavior, but for some odd reason cannot understand nor apply them.


"Duuuuhmb, d-dumb, dumb."

Choose this option if the offense is so apparent to the rest of mankind that no one in their right mind could believe that it's "okay" to act in such a way while in public.


Identifying stupid people is fairly easy due to their immense numbers in the general population and often appear as if they have no idea where they are nor where they're going. As they meander aimlessly about, they are obliviously pissing people off left and right. You will usually find yourself speaking to them very slowly because almost everything seems to go over their head. In their presence, one is stricken with profound disbelief that this level of stupidity exists and resisting the urge to laugh in the offenders face may be torturous. Their breaches in codes of conduct are so frequent that many get dismissed as trivial inconveniences although, sadly, the victim may also be too stupid to know the difference.


  • Believe that knowledge isn't cool

  • Acts on emotion, rarely embraces reason or logic

  • Repeats the same mistakes

  • Rarely thinks beyond man's basic needs

  • Typically vulgar


Can usually be seen walking around dazed and confused with their mouth wide open and a look of utter despair.


Smart people are stupid.




Unfortunately, "stupidity" may be a choice by the individual to act in their own worst interest and one could argue that this makes them an "asshole."

*NOTE - Before placing your vote, DO NOT include in your assessment those that are handicapped, suffering from a mental illness, or have a developmental disability.

Everything else is fair game!

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Other Poll Options:

Who Cares...

Choose this answer if you believe the offense to be trivial to be concerned with. WARNING: Choosing this answer may mean that you happen to be the one who is either stupid, ignorant, or an asshole.


Use this section if you can provide irrefutable evidence disproving why the motivation behind the offense contained within the poll can NOT be reduced to coming from a place of stupidity, ignorance, or unadulterated assholishness.


Recent Evidence
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