Simple Ways To Be The Most Annoying Co-worker

by Shelby Taylor

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Though the rules of etiquette in the business world differ from those expected in everyday life, business schools often overlook the subject leaving their students unprepared to survive the dog-eat-dog world of business while keeping their composure in times of discomfort. If you haven’t yet figured out how to introduce yourself to your colleagues or you feel awkward when put in a social setting with your coworkers outside of work, this article was made for you!

First, when you introduce yourself to business partners, your colleagues or anyone, for that matter, be sure to use your full name. Do you have an especially long name? Is it hard to remember or difficult to pronounce? Carry business cards stating your long, complicated, impractical name at all times so that your new acquaintances can reference it later.

Next, make a conscious effort to say “thank you” only once or twice per conversation. If you sound like a parrot repeating his favorite phrase, it loses its impact and can even make you seem desperate or somewhat needy.

Avoid mass emails, texts and any other form of communication. If you’re sending out thank you notes, send them separately to make individuals feel appreciated. Nobody likes mass text messages, and your colleagues are certainly no exception.

Never ask for a to-go box at a restaurant. You are not a dog, so you don’t need a doggie bag. They’re alright in the family setting, but entirely inappropriate for a professional business dinner.

Be sure to watch what you’re posting on Facebook. Many managers look at their employee’s social media, so if you don’t want him or her to see that you’ve just shared a link to your favorite clip of South Park, then you might want to think twice before you post. And ladies, it might not be your best idea to join in tweeting about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or the latest episode of Orange is the New Black.

Also, when you’re talking with anyone in your organization, focus on their face, not your cell phone, not your computer, not your hot coworker walking by behind them. And, if you’re a man speaking to a woman, be especially careful not to allow your eyes to wander south. Women have a radar for that sort of thing. Even if it’s only for a second, she’ll know, and your credibility is shot in her book.

In the same vein, when your body is present, make sure that your mind follows suit. We are so easily distracted these days by our advanced technology, our daydreams and what we are having for lunch that we tend to zone out of important face-to-face conversations, meetings and especially conference calls. Chances are, if you’re not paying attention, your coworker knows. They may not call you out on it the first time, but it certainly takes a couple notches out of your credibility. And, worse, if you make a habit of tuning out, you will eventually irritate someone enough to call you out on it, and you’ll end up embarrassed in front of your peers or even bosses.

Top 10 Ways to Irritate Your Co-workers ~ By Jeff Haden for

  1. Emailing to say that you just left a voicemail… This is overkill. And annoying. Unless it’s an emergency, chill.

  2. Pretend to be “checking in with the boss” when you actually have an agenda… Your boss knows you’re not actually coming into his office to see how his dog is doing after his neutering procedure.

  3. Set up an email auto-response and proceed to respond… This is similar to yelling, “I’m not home!” when someone that you don’t want to see knocks at your door. You’re not fooling anyone.

  4. Forget “no” really does mean “no.” If she says she doesn’t want to go to lunch with you, don’t ask her every day for a month. Let it go, man.

  5. Tag other people in a photo without their permission… You may not care if your boss sees that you were taking shots at the hottest bar downtown last night, but your coworkers may not be as dumb as you are.

  6. Make someone read an entire email thread to figure out what you want… Nobody has time for this. Say what you want, and keep it short.

  7. Assume what is urgent to you is urgent to the recipient… While it may be of massive importance to you to find out where the sales team is going out to dinner this Friday, others may actually be busy doing their jobs.

  8. Connect your tweets to your LinkedIn account…If your coworkers want to follow you on Twitter, they will. Otherwise, refrain from sharing with everyone how much you loved the new breakfast waffle from Taco Bell.

  9. Use the reply-all button…This is similar to the mass text no-no that was mentioned before. If you’re responding to one person, don’t flood everyone else’s inbox.

  10. Use email for arguing, criticizing, giving bad news, or saying “no”…No one likes an internet bully. If you have something to say, man up and do it face-to-face.

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