Man Doesn't "Mind the Gap," Gets Foot Stuck, Commuters Tilt Train to Free Him

by Anthonism

This video is a testament to the age old adage, "strength in numbers" At Stirling train station In Perth, Australia, a man got his foot wedged between the subway train and the platform. He was trapped and undoubtedly repeatedly asking himself, "why didn't I mind the gap?" In a beautiful display of compassion, the man was rescued when dozens of Transperth passengers literally tilted the train so he could slip away. It is quite amazing to see what we humans are capable of when trying to help someone in need.


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As for the gentleman, he was uninjured and is doing well. That is great news, but if he just payed a little more attention and adhered to train etiquette, he most likely wouldn't have put himself in that position in the first place. Yes, yes, accidents do happen, but that doesn't mean Man's Marbles shouldn't create a poll to make good use of this man's folly.

Vote now: People who don't "mind the gap" and get their foot

wedged between the train and the platform are...

Stupid, Ignorant, or Asshole?

You decide.

Below is a 17 minute clip of security cameras capturing the entire ordeal;

This is awesome;

Mind The Gap.jpg

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