NYC Bike Lane Becomes a Literal CRASH Course!

by Anthonism

Casey Neistat is up to his usual shenanigans in his YouTube video, 'Bike Lanes.' He gets a ticket for not riding his bike in the bike lane. Understandable. It is the law. But, in NYC, riding in the bike lane is more like an extremely dangerous obstacle course. One can't ride much longer than a minute before having to exit the bike lane to avoid a collision.

How does Casey handle this dilemma? Well, after videotaping the cop giving him a ticket and lecturing him that he must "never leave the bike lane," he then proceeds to record himself never leaving the bike lane and crashing into every obstruction, which includes a police car!

In honor of this post, two new polls have been added.


People who endanger the life of a bicyclist
by obstructing the bike lane are...

And, in LAW:

Policeman who ticket bikers for NOT riding in the bike lane yet fail to fine those who obstruct it are...

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About Casey Neistat:

He lives in NYC and makes movies for a job. He had a television show on HBO and produced the film 'Daddy Long Legs' which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won an Independent Spirit Award. Most of his income comes from directing commercials.

Casey Neistat riding a bike, crashing into a police car obstructing the bike lane

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