Proof Americans Know Nothing About Soccer (Football)

by Anthonism

FIFA Prank!

Being uninformed of a particular topic isn't a crime, although many folks consider willful ignorance to be socially unacceptable. Yet, with all of the possible things to know in the world and beyond, who could possibly fault anyone for missing a piece of information? Einstein's wise words put this into perspective best, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” So, the next time you don't know something, fess up! How else are you supposed to learn? Besides, nobody likes a know-it-all.

Excluding those that expose their own insecurities by resorting to mean-spirited teasing, the fact of the matter is, a person usually gains respect when they freely acknowledge that they are unlearned regarding the topic at hand. Not only that, the confession declares that the confider possesses a certain degree of humility. Simultaneously, the confidant will profit by this revelation as well. Besides a boost to the ego, he is now awarded the opportunity to give back to, or "help" society by assuming the role of "teacher." As we come full circle, the confessor then benefits by being afforded the chance to feed on that knowledge without putting in the same amount of effort to attain it. Symbiosis at it's finest.

Pssst...Fact-checking saves reputations!

Conversely, the inability to concede to one's ignorance of a particular subject during a discussion, especially when one's pride leads them to pretend to be schooled on the topic, will most certainly render them a fool by the conclusion of the discourse. Of course, an exception to this point of view is the classic scenario of a cunning con artist making things up "on the fly" to "beat" some luminary at their own game.

However, that scenario is rare. The reality is that a confidence trick, or "con" is usually a well researched and meticulously planned sequence of events in which the victim, some naive schmo, plays right into his hands. Without delving into the psychology of it (Gullibility: How Vulnerable Are You to Being Duped?), many factors contribute to a person's gullibility in any instance of being a "sucker." So, before you get "taken for a ride" again (we've all been there), listen to that faint suspicious voice proclaiming from within, "something is off here" and give pause before taking action. Your self-esteem will thank you.

"Fool me once, shame on...shame on you.
Fool can't get fooled again" ~ George W. Bush

A prank is a "con" of sorts, albeit playful and amusing — at least for those who aren't the butt of the joke. The FIFA Prank is a great example of how "in the dark" an individual will appear in attempting to "save face" by pretending to be "in the know."

This amusing video demonstrates how a "con man" disarms his victims under the guise of a reporter and then tricks them into answering fake questions about the World Cup. His prey unwittingly makes themselves look absurd as we sit back and take a deep breath to prepare our lungs for a bellowing laughter at these poor saps' expense. They asked for it. Hell, they practically begged for it.

Whether or not this video proves that Americans know nothing about soccer is up to you. But, that isn't the question Man's Marbles is interested in.

In honor of this video, a new poll was added to the CONVERSATION category:

People who are ignorant about a topic
yet pretend to know what they are talking about are...

Stupid, Ignorant or Asshole?

You decide.



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