The Cleverest Way to Teach Table Manners

Georgie Porgie's placemats and napkins dish out kid-friendly etiquette lessons, with a side of sass.

By Jessica Leigh Hester for Country Living Magazine

When my brother and I were little, my mom used to admonish our barbaric table manners with a rhyme she learned as a camp counselor: “Get your elbows off the table; this is not a horse’s stable!” Granted, horses don’t sit at tables—but the rhyme really did help us bone up on our dinnertime Ps and Qs.

Channel the same cheeky approach to etiquette with these adorable napkins and placemats from Georgie Porgie (named after the classic nursery rhyme, natch). Emblazoned with vintage illustrations and witty, sing-song sayings, these clever placemats and plates gently instruct as they entertain. The cotton canvas placemat ($15) reminds kiddos not to chow down until everyone has been served. Plus, it also teaches little ones how to set the table by offering a template for where to put utensils, cups, and plates. The cotton napkins ($30 for 4) evoke a blueprint for folding and unfolding, and remind wee ones that “It’s very rude to make complaints about the food!” (Plus seven other pieces of sage advice.)

The droll tone and classic illustrations make these a whimsical addition to your table—which, by the way, will probably have some pretty well-behaved kids sitting around it!


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