Spoiler alert: this isn’t all fun-and-games! In life, we have many ways to have a ball to escape from behind the eight ball, but horrible actors can bomb in 3D on this stage.  Whether your preferred performance is the star-studded limelight or curling up with a good book, this song and dance section includes every pet peeve between those extremes. Before we blow the whistle and send in the clowns, face the music by ranking these big screen, show stopping faux pas. Encore!


“I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art,

but if you set out to make art you're an idiot.” ~Steve Martin

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You're Like Everyone Else, Different

You're Like Everyone Else, Different

Anthonism's quote, "You Are Just Like Everyone Else, Different." T-shirts available in many styles and colors. $30.95 (Zazzle usually has 15% off promos)

'Mind Your Manners!' Citation

'Mind Your Manners!' Citation

Fake Citation: You are hereby cited for violating social norms, disobeying codes of conduct, and committing acts of rudeness $7.00 + S/H

'My Mind Keeps Fcuknig With My Head'

'My Mind Keeps Fcuknig With My Head'

What's wrong with your thinking cap? Well, putting whether or not you're thinking straight aside, the brain is built to play tricks on you and this witty t-shirt design demonstrates one of the many mind numbing ways it does so. $35.95 (Zazzle usually has 15% off promos) In our Zazzle Store

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Warning Label Mind Your Manners Rudeness reduction program is in full force
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